Silver Package

Perimeter Technologies System & Installation

System & Installation starts at $1099.

Full installation of a Perimeter Technologies system with Perimeter Technologies transmitter installed inside the house, heavy duty 14 gauge THHN wire, one Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact pet receiver collar, one cement or asphalt driveway crossing, flags for training, a surge protector kit (to protect the transmitter), and a training session with owner and pet. Safe Dog Underground Fence LLC, the leading Perimeter Technologies installer in the region, also offers additional pet training sessions ($50), additional Perimeter Technologies pet collars, and underground wire repair services starting at ($150).

Important Features:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Covers properties up to 5 acres (5000 ft. of wire)
  • Extremely small light weight receiver weighs in at 1.1 ounce
  • Metallic infused rubber Comfort Contacts™  for safety and comfort
  • Patented safety features provide consistent reliable operation
  • Extreme flexibility in programming for sensitive dogs or systems which have more than one dog (Ultra Only)
  • Multiple frequency settings for to avoid circumstances where interference prohibits consistent operation (Ultra Only)

System includes:

  • One advanced wall-mount transmitter
  • One waterproof collar receiver
  • 2 Wire connectors
  • 2 Waterproof splice covers
  • 500’ burial approved boundary wire
  • 50 boundary flags
  • Instruction/Basic Training Manual
  • Instruction/Basic Training DVD
  • Comfort Contact™ Probes
  • Additional Rubber Comfort Contact™ tips
  • Long Hair Steel Contact Probes
  • Non-correction long and short training probe covers
  • High-Quality nylon collar

Perimeter Technologies Invisible Fence Features

The Perimeter® Technologies team has been keeping dogs safer for longer than anyone. They are some of the original founders of the Invisible Fence® brand in 1976. The most experienced engineering team in the industry has introduced the most significant innovation in do-it-yourself dog fence kits since 2003. Trust your dog’s safety to the founders of the industry.

The PCC-200 Premium Dog Fence kit provides professional grade design features into an easy to install complete dog fence kit. Everything required for installation is included.

Patented Temp Check™:  Only Perimeter® brand dog fence systems feature internal circuitry which provides stable operation over a broad range of temperatures.  Competitive brands signal field width can vary up to 100% from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  What does that mean?  A Perimeter® brand dog

fence set to have a field width of 8 ft. will have a maximum variation in field width of 5% (less than 5”) while a competitive system can have a variance of up to 100% either way for cold or warm environments.  In other words, other systems potentially could have no signal field in cold environments or twice the field width in hot environments.  This could mean your dog fence system may not be able to contain your dog due to limit field width or could correct your dog inside the safety of your home.

Patented Wire Check™:  Only Perimeter® brand dog fence systems feature the ability for the state of the art transmitter to monitor wire input and output automatically.  This ability allows the system to perform even with damage to the boundary wire. (No System can function with the wire completely broken.)  The field width will remain constant on both sides of a damaged boundary wire due to the power output management built into every Perimeter® brand dog fence.  Should you experience a catastrophic event resulting in total wire failure your system will give you a constant audible indication of the breach.

 Patented Battery Check™:  Only Perimeter® brand dog fence systems monitor the status of your battery every two hours to ensure you know when your dog fence needs a new battery.  Other brands offer low battery indication however it only lets you know when the battery dips below a certain output level.  The chemical composition of a battery fluctuates over a variety of different operating conditions which could potentially signal a false low battery indication.  Perimeter® brand systems save you time and money by requiring 3 consecutive low battery triggers to set off the low battery indication.  Why not keep your dog safe at home without spending extra money on unnecessary battery changes.

Polycarbonate Collar Receivers:  Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high performance plastic which possesses a unique balance of toughness and dimensional stability.  Perimeter® brand dog fence collars use polycarbonate plastic to make them resistant to damage from dog chews.  Polycarbonate is frequently used in situations where safety and performance are a must such as external jet aircraft parts, the space shuttle and many military applications.  Why trust the safety of your dog to anything less?

Waterproof Collar Receivers:   The craftsmanship that goes into every Perimeter® brand dog fence is so good they offer the only battery replaceable waterproof collar receiver on the market.  Perimeter® brand receivers will continue to function without issue when completely submerged in water.  Have a pool, pond or take your dog to the lake?  Take your Perimeter® dog fence with you.

Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery Technology:  Lithium Ion technology offers three times the gravimetric density of nickel metal hydride technology which provides lighter batteries with increased run times.  Replacing batteries not only provides the ability to instantly renew the collars power supply should you forget to recharge it also provides a consistent duration for battery life as opposed to the diminishing lifespan of a rechargeable cell.

 Digital Frequency Encoding:  eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems as well as other signal generating devices.  In addition to the encoding Perimeter® brand pet fences operates on a 7 KHz frequency which in and of itself provides less frequency interference than other dog fence systems operating on more widely used bands.

Most Humane Contact Points:  Comfort Contacts™ by Perimeter® offer the most comfortable solution to create contact with your dog.  Conductive metal infused rubber provides significant protection against pressure necrosis, a condition which occurs when a dog either has a negative skin reaction to metal touching their skin or the collar is left on for a prolonged period of time.  Soft conductive rubber contacts allow the contact to remain constant keeping your dog safe at home with utmost is comfort.

Omni Directional Signal Detection: Many containment systems only detect signals coming in from one or two directions with one or two internal antennas.  Perimeter® brand dog fence systems offer the safety and peace of mind of three internal antennas detecting the boundary signal on three separate planes to provide the most effective signal detection available.

Progressive Correction w/Run Through Prevention: Perimeter® brand dog fence systems offer progressive correction which measures time and distance from the collar to the boundary wire.  This feature allows the computer collar to know not only how far away it is from the boundary wire but how fast the collar, and subsequently the dog, is traveling.  In a fraction of a second the collar can make the necessary adjustments in correction intensity to ensure your dog stays safe at home.

Auto Safety Shut-off: Perimeter® brand dog fence systems feature a built in safety mechanism to automatically shut off after 20 seconds of correction.  This safety features ensures no unnecessary correction for dogs who may be in the boundary field and panic or for those crazy kids who think it might be fun to lay down in the containment field.  Should this happen they will only have to endure 20 seconds of discomfort; hopefully enough for them to learn their lesson. The system will automatically reset following its removal from the field.

Seamless Warning Tone (Anti-Linger): Perimeter® brand dog fence systems avoid excessive battery drain from those dogs smart enough to sit in the warning area until the receiver battery is dead.  Perimeter® software seamlessly moves your dog from a warning tone to a very low level of correction 1 second after entering the warning tone area to avoid premature battery drain as well as to help promote the seriousness of their boundary.  Allowing your dog to spend excessive amounts of time in the warning tone area will condition them to not take the fence as seriously as they should.  Additional time in the warning area will promote testing the fence more frequently causing shorter battery life.

Custom Correction Programming:  Five programming options are available for each dog on the system. You may have a small timid dog which requires far less correction than your other large “bull-headed” dog.  Perimeter® brand dog fence systems give you the ability to custom program each receiver to match the dog’s temperament.  Should your dog fence administer the same correction to your timid dog just to keep a stronger willed dog in the yard? That doesn’t sound safe or humane?

Perimeter® products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Perimeter® Technologies is proud of our heritage as some of the original dog fence industry founders as well as our future as a domestic manufacturer of premium dog fence safety products.  Why send your hard earned dollars overseas?  Why trust the safety of your dog to anyone less than your fellow pet loving Americans?

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