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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the number of pet(s), size of property, number of training sessions and equipment purchased.  Cost starts at $1099 and includes full installation with one pet collar and a training session. We create a solution that fits your pet(s) needs and your budget.

Is an underground fence safe and how does it work?

Yes. A transmitter is installed in your house and connected to a 14 gauge heavy duty wire that is buried from your house to the desired boundary area for your pet.  A radio signal is transmitted through the wire to the electronic collar.  The system warns your pet(s) with a beep and then corrects them with a safe, gentle static correction when they approach the perimeter of the fence barrier. Your pet will quickly learn to stay within the designated area. Even the most stubborn dog can be deterred from straying.

What does the static correction feel like and can the level be adjusted?

The correction from a receiver collar is similar to the sensation you feel when you run your hand across a TV screen or when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention.  Yes the correction level can be adjusted on the collar.

How much do the collars weigh? Are they water proof? What kind of batteries do they take? Where can I buy them at?

All collars are water proof. Collars weigh between 1.1 oz and 3oz. The Perimeter Technologies collars take Perimeter Technology brand batteries (which can be purchased online at Ebay or Amazon and cost about $8 a piece and last for three or four months). The SportDOG collars are rechargeable.

How wide is the boundary?

The boundary can be adjusted from a few inches to over 10 feet wide on either side of the boundary wire.  The transmitter has an adjustment for this.   But, the boundary should be at least five feet wide.  Any narrower and it becomes difficult to train the dog.  The dog should never be allowed to run through the boundary because the dog should think everywhere outside of his perimeter is a static correction zone.

Do driveways pose a problem for the boundary wire? How do we get the boundary wire across the driveway?

No. For a gravel driveway a small trench is dug and flexible conduit is installed with the wire running through it. For a cement driveway the wire is run through an expansion joint and then the joint is filled in with caulking. For an asphalt driveway a grove is cut with a circular saw the wire is run through the grove and then sealed with caulking.

Is the boundary wire safe? If I accidentally cut the wire will I get electrocuted?

Yes is absolutely safe! No you or your pet will not be electrocuted. The wire is only used to create a very weak AM radio signal. It is completely safe to touch and will not shock you even if you accidentally cut the wire. Remember, the dog gets the correction from the collar, not the boundary wire. You cannot get electrocuted by touching or cutting the boundary wire.

What type of training and how much training is involved?

When it comes to training time there are NO shortcuts. For your pet to properly learn and understand his new boundaries, you MUST train your pet for 10-15 minutes two to three times a day everyday for at least two weeks. Some pets learn faster than others, but it’s important to give training the time it requires.

The first week of training is about getting your pet used to his new boundaries. We set up flags (during initial installation) along the boundary of the fence.  First you get your pet used to the Receiver Collar by holding the collar in your hand, taking him around the perimeter on a leash, showing him flags, letting the collar beep, and then pulling him back from boundary.  The next step is putting the collar on your dog and performing the same steps.  Finally you try to distract him with things outside his limits to teach him to stay within his new play area. After your pet learns to stay within his boundaries, you will move onto the supervision stage.

Each day you will gradually increase the amount of time you spend outside with him to ensure he stays within his boundaries, even if left out to play for an hour or more. When your pet has proven he understands his boundaries, we recommend you monitor your pet’s activity for another two weeks. Once your pet understands his new boundaries, remove every other Boundary Flag every four days and training will be complete!

Can a puppy be trained? How old should the puppy be?

We do not recommend training a dog younger than three months of age.  Most young pups just aren’t cognitively ready to learn. They are just too easily distracted to do any effective training.  If you must train a dog under three months, at least make sure they can do the training basics confidently beforehand (sit, stay, come).

Do not train a pregnant or sick dog. Wait until the dog is back to normal.

Is there a limit to the number of pets that can be contained with one system?

In a word no. You can contain an unlimited number of pets (including cats) as long as they are trained properly and they each have an appropriate collar.  Collars are available for dogs of every size, temperament, and personality.  Specially designed cat collars are also available.

Who is the manufacture of the underground fence transmitter and collar(s)?

We usually use Perimeter Technologies and SportDOG brand products, but can accommodate almost any brand request.